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From André Malo>
Subject Re: httpd and locales
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 15:55:58 GMT
* Garrett Rooney <> wrote:

> > It doesn't belong here, but... I'm wondering why the path isn't passed as
> > UTF-8. Why is it translated to the locale at all? It's all happening within
> > the svn file system, so I'd really expect to get utf-8 and would consider
> > locale translation as a bug.
> Well, I imagine that the assumption is that any hook script is going
> to be using the actual locale specified in LANG/LC_ALL/etc env
> variables, so if we don't translate to that locale it'll get rather
> confused by utf8 data in its command line.  As a general rule svn
> translates from native -> utf8 on input and from utf8 -> native for
> output.  Ironically, if the LANG/LC_ALL/etc env vars were being
> followed by httpd this translation would be a noop, since the system
> uses a utf8 locale...

So whether the users of a repository (httpd or svnserve) may use the full
unicode range for their files depends on the locale of the server? That feels
just wrong ;-) I don't see how there are command line confusings...

As long as one references files enclosed in the filesystem no translation
should occur at all. It's just unicode (in utf-8 format). The only part of
the subversion system which should deal with filename recodings of reposiory 
stored path should be a client.

But as said, this doesn't belong here.


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