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From Maxime Petazzoni <>
Subject mod_mbox helper scripts and programs
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 16:56:38 GMT

First, I would like to bring back (again) the subject of mod_mbox
helper scripts and program on the table.

I understand why these scripts are important in order to maintain the
ASF mail archives website. These scripts call some helper programs
(actually contained in the trunk/module-2.0/ directory) to process the
mailbox files.

Unfortunately, these programs do not compile anymore due to some API
changes in the mbox_* files a while ago, and maybe even before the
Google's Summer Of Code (the problem comes from changes to lunece4c
related functions, that I did not touch). That's why I would like to
have more information about how the ASF archives are maintained, and
how can you make this work if the helper programs do not compile.

I guess you've been using binaries compiled long ago, before the API
breakage, but since a lot of improvments and changes in the APR during
this period of time, I just wonder how the whole thing can

Next, I would like to make you notice that these scripts do not belong
the the module's source code because they are not useful and made for
the mod_mbox user (as an admin) but only for an internal purpose. Thus
I propose that we move the scripts directory one level up :


Since we do not release, tag or branch these scripts, this is not a
problem to break the traditionnal Svn schema here.

Finally, I would like to know your feelings about the surgery branch
that was created a few weeks ago : the module is operational and this
branch provide a cleaner and more evolutive directory structure, as
well as a complete untabification of the source code (blame my lack of
Emacs configuration on this point, this is now fixed once and for

Personnaly, I would like to see these points solved and the surgery
branch merged back to trunk so I can create a 0.2.1 tarball and then
try to (finally) release it.

Thank you for your attention,
- Sam

Maxime Petazzoni (
 -- gone crazy, back soon. leave message.

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