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From Adam Retter <>
Subject Re: Time for 2.0.56 ?
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 14:56:26 GMT
On Mon, 2006-01-23 at 03:42 +0000, Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> I've been extremely busy for the last month, and it doesn't look like
> I'll have much time for coding in the next few weeks. If anyone wants to
> work on execd stuff fire away, most of what I have uncommitted is a mash
> of things I have to clean up.
> If anyone is waiting on it as a dependency for fcgi, using the apr API
> should be safe, because an execd api can mimic that relatively easily
> and I can port it later if noone beats me to it.
> In the last two days, I hit two problems with 2.0.55 which have commited
> patches for them (mod_proxy_ftp href and the mod_cgid OPTIONS bugs). So
> I'm volunteering to RM 2.0.56. 
> The rate of change on 2.0.x is slowing down quite a lot lately, but it's
> coming up to 6 months and there's a lot sitting there.. If I'm hitting
> repeat bugs, others must be too. Unless anyone tells me I'm crazy, a
> roll to vote on would be in around a week from now.
> One patch which hasn't gotten review which I'm keen to get backported is
> the mod_cgid suexec fix, if anyone has some time to look at it, it would
> be appreciated, if I can help anyone with that - just say so. If what it
> does is not clear, I can attempt to document it better. Upstream
> maintainers are already asking for it and don't want it to slide too
> much. 
> Another stalled cgid patch is the solaris autoconf patch. It would be
> nice to get the newer one in (It's referenced in STATUS). So I'd like to
> remove Justin's original patch proposal and put in a new one. Any
> objections?
> In a similar situation Adam Retter posted a cleaned-up backport of the
> reverse-proxy cookie fixes to this list a few days ago too, so it would
> be nice to reset the clock on that vote too - with the updated patch.

Excellent, I wasnt sure if anyone had picked it up :-/
Is it likely that it will get committed?


Adam Retter

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