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From Adam Retter <>
Subject PATCH for 2.0.55 proxy module to enable reverse proxing of cookies
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 15:03:28 GMT
Hi Chaps,

We setup Apache 2.0.55 here with mod_proxy to enable reverse proxying of
our java application. We had a problem with mod_proxy not reverse
proxying cookies correctly.

I found this bug report and patch for 2.0.53 here -

Unfortunately due to updates in mod_proxy between 2.0.53 and 2.0.55, the
patch could not be applied directly to 2.0.55.

I spent some time and bought the patch up to date for the 2.0.55
mod_proxy. It would be great to see this patch make it into the 2.0.x
tree without sitting in limbo for ages, which seems to be its current

So I attach the updated 2.0.55 mod_proxy files that enables correct
handling of cookies when reverse proxying. As far as I can tell the
update simply borrows and implements two additional mod_proxy
configuration directives from the 2.2.x branch -
ProxyPassReverseCookieDomain and ProxyPassReverseCookiePath.

Can someone please take responsibility for this and make sure the hard
work done for this patch (which im sure others need as well - otherwise
it wouldnt be in the 2.2.x tree already) doesnt end up in the ether!!!


Adam Retter

Devon Portal Developer

Devon Portal Project
County Hall
EX11 1PU

t: 01392 38 3683
f: 01392 38 2966

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