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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject [PATCH] mod_proxy_fcgi - send environment to fcgi process
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2005 04:22:13 GMT
I wasy playing around with the FastCGI stuff tonight, and I
implemented the next step in the request process, sending the
environment over to the backend fcgi process.  This also involved
refactoring some of the existing code a bit, removing unused
variables, etc, but nothing too extraordinary.  Some basic testing
with a Ruby fastcgi script shows the environment getting parsed by the
script just fine.

Log message follows, patch is attached.


Add support for sending the environment to the backend fastcgi process
to mod_proxy_fcgi.

* modules/proxy/mod_proxy_fcgi.c
  (proxy_fcgi_canon): Remove unused variables, wrap a long line.
  (send_begin_request): Helper function to send the FCGI_BEGIN_REQUEST
  (send_environment): Helper function to send the environment.
  (fcgi_do_request): Use send_begin_request and send_environment.

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