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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] mod_proxy_fcgi - send stdin data to fastcgi process
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 07:28:45 GMT
Garrett Rooney wrote:
> And here we have today's mod_proxy_fcgi patch, support for sending the
> FASTCGI_STDIN records (which contain the data from the body of the
> request) to the fastcgi process.  Again, basic testing with a Ruby
> fastcgi program indicates that it's at least minimally functional
> Log follows, patch attached.

I do have some issues with this in the long term:

1) 1024 is tiny. Prolly should try something much higher.

2) It doesn't check for a reply from the FastCGI backend.  According to 
the spec, a reply can be sent, before STDIN is finished.  This could get 
kinda complicated, but I believe what we should do is Poll the socket 
for both read and write.  When writable, continue a non-blocking write 
to it.  When read able.. hopefully read something from the backend, 
which may again, come before we are done sending STDIN.

Anyways. These are things we should fix before merging back to trunk, 
but I just committed your patch to the dev branch in r359183.  Its 
progress :)

Thanks Again,


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