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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL][DISCUSSION] Applying 'AND/OR' logic to the authz providers...
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 23:21:55 GMT
Brad Nicholes wrote:

> Proposal for discussion:
>    It was proposed that one way to handle host based as well as authz
> access control was to first reimplement the directives 'Alllow', 'Deny'
> and 'Order' as an authz provider (note: the authz-dev branch contains
> the current effort to convert all authz handlers to providers much like
> what was done for the authn providers).  By reimplementing these
> directives as a provider, the same functionality could be achieved by
> using the 'Require' directive (ie. Require IP or Require
> host  It was also proposed that a 'Reject' directive also
> be implemented to provide for the exception cases (ie. Reject IP
> or Reject host  

To cast a somewhat wider net over this.

The proxy framework's filter stack going to the backend seems to have 
similar requirements to "require" on the frontend.

In other words, just as you can say "require IP xx" on the frontend 
browser, you can also say "require IP yy" towards a backend server.

In a forward proxy situation you might use the reject directive as well: 
"reject host"

With the addition of fastcgi to the potential mod_proxy backends, proxy 
is becoming more and more "generic", where backend content providers are 
thought of as more "disconnected" than they are now.

It would be very cool if some of the authz providers could be used by 
the proxy as well, and we can get rid of the proxy specific Proxy* 
directives to do what require does.


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