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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: Code update to handle apache dynamic configuration updates to httpd.conf.
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 05:41:40 GMT wrote:
> Yes I do understand the issues. But the project requires this to be done.
> You said "There are also issues with loading SSLCerts without a full
> restart...."
> Do you mean there is a way to load SSLCerts without a restart?
> Pls let me know.
I will start over.

There are many issues to this problem. Here are the biggest:

1) Dynamic creation of server_recs.  There is currently no way to add a 
server_rec, to the core, and to the listening interfaces, without at 
least a graceful restart.  This is a VERY complicated issue.  It would 
require a major rewrite of many core functions, and the addition of 
locking, and perhaps even a garbage collection or reference counting 
system, to handle the deletion of sever_recs.

2) Dynamic loading of SSL Certificates.  Easier, but still hard.  Will 
require large modifications to mod_ssl, and documentation that things 
like ssl passphrase can't work.  Will also require large modifications 
to dynamically load certs from LDAP.

These are both very large and difficult problems.  They both might be 
better addressed in the long run, by a complete rewrite of the 
configuration system. It would be an interesting exercise, but I have 
better fish to fry.


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