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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Directions for Win32 binary httpd
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 16:55:47 GMT
Francis ANDRE wrote:
> Thanks Bill...     but I have noticed this first dependency since APR IS 
> NOT delivered with httpd (at least with CVS). One have to
> checkout ap, apr-util and apr-iconv in the httpd/srclib directory...

Sure, and this is just fine with the developers.  APR actually is not THIS
project, although it's an Apache Software Foundation project developed at
(  But we deliver all these things you mention with
the win32 src zipfile, and all but apr-iconv in the unix tarball.

> Anyway, I give up with ant as a building tool since no one understand 
> that autoconf/configure is only Linux,BSD or whatever Unix dependent...
> None are using autoconf which needs m4 which needs .....

Apples and oranges.  Ant doesn't solve this problem, it's merely a way
(like make/gmake/nmake etc) to compile files.

*Should* we replace autoconf (m4, libtool, et al)?  Sure :)  These tools
are broken regularly (well, m4's pretty rock stable) from release to
release, so we have a lot of trouble predicting what will work on older
box X, even on *nix'es and *nix-alikes.  Right now we have customized
solutions, or no solutions, on a per-platform basis.

Since APR must be solved (list address above) before httpd can be solved,
I'll treat further posts about ./configure, here at dev@httpd, as nothing
more than trolling.  If you care to join the discussion at dev@apr, about
replacing unix-script configure or make files, then by all means join us.


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