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From Stuart Children <>
Subject Re: PR 37145
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 13:00:22 GMT
Ruediger Pluem wrote:
> Just a short reminder. I just got the 3rd duplicate for PR37145
> ( data loss with httpd-2.0.55 reverse proxy method=post) and I remember myself
> that there had been additional cases that had been reported on the list.

Well, I've posted about PR37402 which is also to revert mod_proxy 
behaviour broken by the changes in 2.0.55 - in this case POST 
*sub-requests*. It's a different situation to your bug. 
PatchAvailable... but I've had no feedback so I can't say what people 
think about it - only that it's working fine on our production servers 
(which do a total of around 4 million page impressions a day).

> The patch is currently missing one vote for backport to 2.0.x.
> I know that 2.0.56 may be far off, but I just hit the drums because I want
> to ensure that it gets in. I remember that OtherBill tended to be positive
> about the patch and Joe agreed with the analysis + it is already part of 2.2.0
> - The best Apache HTTP Server available. So to the ballot please :-).

Sorry to thread hijack, but I would really appreciate it if someone 
could either take some action on the above (and PR11540 come to that, 
which is pretty trivial) - or to give me some advice on how to get 
people interested. A good first step would be getting the patches into 
the trunk I guess.

Should I come into IRC and get a "sponsor"? Or more testers before it's 
considered perhaps? Just continue to plug away on here? Are there 
particular people who do mod_proxy development that I might approach?

Many thanks

Stuart Children

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