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From Brian Akins <>
Subject Re: 2.2 mod_http_proxy and "partial" pages
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 21:11:01 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> Sorry, reverse proxy is not a proxy -- it is a gateway.

Sure it is.  but that's semantics and any further discussion of that 
would be futile.

> You are right that it won't make a difference in the gateway case,
> though from a software design perspective, pipe-and-filter architectures
> depend on sending errors down the pipe so that each filter can handle
> the error.  Having the filter set a global variable that is normally
> private to the client connection, just for the sake of obtaining the
> side-effect desired specifically for HTTP and mod_cache, is, well,
> unclean.

No, we are aborting the entire response in the proxy handler.  Other 
modules (see mod_dav) already do something similar.

If we to handle this via an "error" bucket, this needs to be well 
advertised, as several things now just check r->connection->aborted 
(mod_proxy_http for one).

As is, the current "feature" has halted and reversed my roll-out of 2.2.

Brian Akins
Lead Systems Engineer
CNN Internet Technologies

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