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From Joost de Heer <>
Subject Re: What do you want in HTTPD 2.4/3.0/X/GREEN?
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 22:57:08 GMT
An idea, although I have no idea whether this can be done at all, or whether 
this has been discussed before:


Especially with things like PHP, occasionally a child process can 'explode' 
and grow very large. As far as I'm aware, the only way to limit child 
processes is currently the number of requests. But since it's rather hard to 
predict when a child can grow very large (it theoretically could happen in the 
first request), I'd rather have a memory limit: Once a child process grows 
beyond that limit, kill the child (after the current request finishes of course).

I've had boxes where the average child was 12 MB, but once in a while, a child 
would grow upto 140MB. Normally, MaxClients of 70 would be quite safe, but 
with the growing children, even that was too high. But if I could set 
MaxMemoryPerChild 20 MB, this would be no problem, as these children would be 
killed before they grew too large.


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