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From Stuart Children <>
Subject Re: [PATCHES PR 11540 & PR 37402]
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 15:14:16 GMT
To start off, congratulations to all involved with 2.2.0 - especially 
all the coders.

Now the release is done, I'd really like to get the below in for 2.2.1. 
Other than posting here, is there anything I can do to create some 
action? Who do I need to get approval from before someone can commit the 


Stuart Children wrote:
> Hope it's OK to lump these into one mail. They're both regarding 
> mod_proxy, so I guess that's an excuse. Anyway, was hoping to get some 
> movement, or at least feedback on these. They've been in bugzilla with 
> patches for a while now.
> The first is - a 
> pretty straightforward fix to the config merging code. Without this the 
> ProxyTimeout (and I think some other) directive(s) don't have any 
> effect. Which is confusing, and frustrating when the code otherwise works!
> The second is - 
> which is to make mod_proxy allow for POST subrequests again. Slightly 
> more controversial I guess, but going back to 2.0.54 behaviour which it 
> doesn't appear there was an issue with. I posted to this list for 
> discussion on this item before and didn't receive any negative comments.
> I guess I can't argue these are release blockers given the lack of other 
> people complaining about them, but for the record I'd like to see both 
> in 2.2 (as well as back-ported to 2.0 in due course).
> Regards

Stuart Children

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