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From "Brandon Fosdick" <>
Subject Re: What do you want in HTTPD 2.4/3.0/X/GREEN?
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 19:01:35 GMT
> Configuration .. make it configurable. by that I mean allowing people to
> use LDAP or a DB to hold the configuration files, and not a flat file.
> This is mainly intended for large server farms. Currently the main
> reason for logging onto a webserver is to change it's configuration (and
> bounce) .. if we could reduce that to just 'bounce' it might make life
> easier. (or some method where it checks configs every X minutes and
> autobounces..removing the need to log onto the machine at all ;-)

Would it be possible to use something like fam (or kqueue on FreeBSD) and
have httpd notified whenever the config file changes? That would solve
part of the above desire without requiring the extensive changes needed to
go to a db/ldap system.

OTOH, what if config loading was handled by a provider module that could
then fetch the info from a file, db, ldap, whatever...

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