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From Maxime Petazzoni <>
Subject DSO MPMs
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 16:28:32 GMT

In the thread called "What do you want in HTTPD 2.4/3.0/X/GREEN" started
by Paul on December 3rd, 2005, two ideas I'd really like to get involved
in were launched :

 - mpm-perchild
 - make the MPMs DSO-able

Some of you may recall the design made by Michal (as SoC student) during
the last ApacheCON EU (mid-july 2005) and I think making the MPMs
DSO-able is a preliminary requirement to mpm-perchild development.

Indeed, one of the mpm-perchild pros would be to make the childs use
whatever MPM the admin wants (for example, using a very restricted
user/group for a prefork MPM running PHP, and another user/group running
the event MPM for other virtualhosts, etc).

At first sight, I see some changes to the build process (of course),
changes to the main.c file for MPM loading and running and adjustements
to MPMs theirselves. I don't know how heavy those changes could be,
maybe huge because we want something clean.

What do you think ? Should we start working on this ?

- Sam

Maxime Petazzoni (
 -- gone crazy, back soon. leave message.

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