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From Christian Folini <>
Subject Problems with SSL environment variable SSL_CLIENT_CERT as http header
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 19:17:53 GMT

This question has been sent to the user mailinglist first
without provoking a reply. From the beginning i thought
it was rather a question for the developers.

In fact i am not sure i encountered a bug or a missing

I am configuring apache 2.0.54 as a revproxy that handles 
authentication based on client certificates.
Now my customer running the backend application requests to see
the client certificates as a whole.

After googling around i stumbled over a new method mentioned
by Brian Hughes on the users mailinglist

This works fine for almost all the SSL variables mentioned

However, i only get the first line of the certificate in 
SSL_CLIENT_CERT while the client certificate has multiple lines. 
Unfortunately, the user wants to have exactly this item and 
not the single line variables...

Maybe i am not really used to certificates. Maybe i expect
too much of mod_rewrite. But generally i thought http headers
could be repeated, so it should basically be possible to get
the whole file into the headers.

So the question is: Is this a missing feature or a bug? Does it
ring a bell? Or is there someone who can point out a better way, 
how to pass on the certificate to the backend application?

best regards,


Christian Folini - <>

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