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From Pau Garcia i Quiles <>
Subject Re: using proxy/cache for apache mirrors
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 23:12:46 GMT
Quoting Colm MacCarthaigh <>:

> 	* It defeats a huge part of the point of having a mirroring
>          system in the first place. Mirroring isn't just a way of
> 	  decreasing bandwidth usage on the primary, it's also a means
> 	  of building content resilience. When goes down, users
>          want their mirror to work. And worst of all, in the case of
> 	  infrequently used mirrors, this is exactly when they'll
> 	  suddenly get a lot of queries - all of which will end up in IOWAIT
> 	  land, with a boat-load of back-end TCP connections, and no
> 	  content served. That really sucks, for both them and their
> 	  users.

A few months ago I developed a patch for 2.0.54 that added a new directive
(CacheGatewayUnreachable) for this not to happen.

When CacheGatewayUnreachable was set to true, Apache would show the latest
cached version of the resource when the gateway is unreachable. When
CacheGatewayUnreachable was set to false, Apache would show the same error it
currently shows.

I have not tested/ported it to 2.2.0, though. If I find some time, I will.

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