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From Colm MacCarthaigh <>
Subject Re: [vote] 2.2.0 tarballs
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 10:44:27 GMT
On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 11:11:26AM +0100, Andreas Lindström wrote:
> > Any users who run httpd are unlikely to have installed APR 1.[01] given
> > that APR 1.x has never been supported by an httpd release to date.  It's
> > really only httpd/APR developers who are likely to get into this
> > situation.  (APR 1.x has never been shipped in a Subversion tarball)
> As far as i know APR 1.0 (1.1 perhaps) is the only APR that is
> available as a standalone APR with FreeBSD systems

Hmmm, The following list of ports;

mod_webapp, flood, subversion, c_c++_reference-2.0.2_3, chora-2.0,
cvs2svn-1.2.0, esvn-0.6.8, kdesdk-3.4.0, kdevelop-3.2.0,
p5-Log-Accounting-SVK-0.03,, p5-SVN-Mirror-0.56, p5-SVN-Simple-0.27,
p5-SVN-Web-0.38, p5-VCP-Dest-svk-0.28_1, psvn-10727, rapidsvn-0.7.0,
subversion-1.1.3, subversion-perl-1.1.3, subversion-python-1.1.3,
svk-0.30, instant-workstation-1.0_8, kdewebdev-3.4.0,2,
p5-Kwiki-Archive-SVK-0.11, trac-0.8, kde-3.4.0

is the full list apr-1 in some form as a B-dep or an R-dep.
instant-workstation and kde are a bit worrying it has to be said.
Though I think the workaround is still acceptable.

> Just to lift the two issues i know of atm and make sure they are at
> least being documented, here they are. First off, configure does not
> like it when you give the httpd configure the source trees to use
> (without running any other configures first), and... as the configure
> clearly states that this should work, how many users do you think is
> gonna do the configure in both apr and apr-util first and then run the
> httpd configure? (Really?!) Not that many i think, and if this is
> really how its released, then there should be a clear statement
> somewhere in the install docs or in configure itself that "this is not
> working, do it this way instead".

That's what release notes are for :)

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