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From "Matthias Behrens" <>
Subject problems with ssl in balance/proxy mode
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 12:27:25 GMT
hi everyone 

i am new to this list. 
since there is no faq available i simple post my request and see what happens.
sorry if i miss any rule.

i have a apache 2.0 in loadbalncing mode using mod_rewrite and mod_proxy.
there have allways been problems with https/ssl requests that where longer than 8192 bytes.

this was because of an erron in ssl_engine_io.c:



    /* Create a transient bucket out of the decrypted data. */
     if (len > 0) {
	 /* old
        apr_bucket *bucket =
            apr_bucket_transient_create(inctx->buffer, len, f->c->bucket_alloc);
        APR_BRIGADE_INSERT_TAIL(bb, bucket);
		apr_brigade_write(bb, NULL, inctx, inctx->buffer, len);

     return APR_SUCCESS;


could someone please verify if the code is valid the way i pathed it or if it is a dirty hack.
also if it is proper code, how do i publish it?

thx a lot

matthias behrens
software development

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