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From "Paul Smedley" <>
Subject Building Apache 2.0.55
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 10:25:26 GMT
Hi All,
I'm trying to get Apache2 2.0.55 building and running on OS/2 using 
GCC 3.3.5.  There's a current build of Apache using GCC 2.8.1 but that
GCC is getting a bit long in the tooth so I'd like to update things :)

Anyway,  I have it building ok - using the unix network_io and poll 
code instead of the OS/2 code as GCC 3.3.5 on OS/2 provides a much 
more unix like behaviour.

However, when I run httpd.exe, I get the following output on screen:
Apache/2.0.55 (OS/2)

Then the program exits.  In error_log I get:
[Thu Nov 10 19:51:18 2005] [notice] Apache/2.0.55 (OS/2) configured --
resuming normal operations
[Thu Nov 10 19:51:18 2005] [info] Server built: Nov 10 2005 20:50:00
[Thu Nov 10 19:51:18 2005] [error] (38)Socket operation on non-socket:
[Thu Nov 10 19:51:18 2005] [error] (38)Socket operation on non-socket:

Any suggestions on what could be causing the last two lines?  I have 
error logging set to debug but the above is all I get?



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