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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] 2.1.10 as GA
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 14:01:14 GMT

On Nov 20, 2005, at 1:51 PM, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 20, 2005 at 08:48:20AM -0500, Jim Jagielski wrote:
>> -1 for GA. We should have 2.1.10 as beta for at least a week,  
>> possibly
>> 2, note it as a RC to the general public and the, after significant
>> feedback from the user community re-roll as GA.
> First off, we have no formal designation of RC.  We proceed with
> alpha->beta->GA per our agreed-upon rules.
> Paul also said he was going to wait 7-10 days for feedback.  If  
> there's
> any legitimate concerns raised during that timeframe, then we can
> discuss not having 2.1.10 be a GA.
> Remember that we released 2.1.9 (and several others before then)
> publicly with very little legitimate negative feedback.  Plus, 2.1.10
> has only small code changes from 2.1.9.  So, I'm fairly confident that
> we're not going to produce a dud.
> Therefore, combined with the fact that I tested 2.1.10 on several
> machines here and it's up on minotaur, I see no reason at this time  
> not
> to make it a GA.
> If there's minor bugs discovered, we'll fix those up for 2.2.1.  2.2.0
> doesn't need to be perfect - it just needs to be better than 2.0.x  
> which
> this is by a large margin.  -- justin

For the most part, I agree with the above. However:

   1. No RC designation:
      The fact that we don't have one now doesn't mean
      we can never have one. Maybe things would be easier
      if we did... certainly it provides a more formal
      release procedure, and one which communicates to
      the community that "we're talking serious GA soon".
      If we are to "add" a RC designation/phase, now would
      be a good time.

   2. Paul wrote:

         Please test and vote on releasing 2.1.10 as STABLE/General  

         If the vote passes, it will be re-rolled as 2.2.0.

         I intend to leave the vote open for at least 7-10 days.
         is currently running 2.1.9-beta, it is pretty close code  
wise, but it
         would be nice to get this release on there too.

      I cannot vote on releasing 2.1.10 as STABLE/GA until
      we obtain feedback. If Paul has said, explicitly, "
      Vote on release 2.1.10 as BETA. After 7-10 days of testing
      and feedback, I will call a vote for STABLE/GA" then that
      would be different. It states that the vote for GA will be
      help after feedback.

      Again, the main thing is that I'd like to see more
      feedback from the much larger user community, to make
      sure that any issues that they may have are addressed.
      No, I don't think that 2.2.0 is the be-all and end-all;
      if the past >10 years history has shown me anything is
      that 2.2.1 will likely be released  v. quickly.

I'm +1 for 2.1.10 being released as beta... I'm withholding any
vote on Stable/GA until we see more testing/feedback results.

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