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From Andreas Lindström <>
Subject Re: Auth*Authoritative
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 03:24:17 GMT
As this is starting to sound somewhat like an idea i tossed into here
quite some time ago (im not sure it even got to the list, or has been
read) i thought id bring it up once more to see if its just a lousy
idea or what.

In the thread "Authentication madness (a.k.a. suggestions?) regarding
auth_basic and authn_alias" i brought up an idea of a new way to
handle auths that would be even more flexible if used the right way.
Itd be nice if i could get some comments on it. As far as i know it
shouldnt break the basic concept of handlers, but it would need some
(or possibly alot) of changes.

At the bottom of the first post theres an example config if you dont
feel like reading the whole thing. Not sure if it would explain that
much without reading the text though. :)

Lets see if i have more luck this time. :)

/ Andreas

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