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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: Press release for httpd 2.2 (was Re: OT: performance FUD)
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 18:05:18 GMT
Let my try to contribute my $.02:

Usually, a PR item which tells about "company X delivered product Y to
customer Z", is "signed" by both - X and Z. Since most of the
organizations don't exist for charity but for business, Z must earn
something out of this PR. Sometimes, the fact that Z agreed to be an
early adopter and even to put its name on the PR, gives Z a small
discount (irrelevant in our case). But the usual case is that only by
using the product Y, customer Z succeeded to execute its extraordinary
service, and here come some impressive numbers which could not be
achieved without Y, and so on.

In other words, while the interest of X is clear, the interest of Z is
more tricky, and usually Z uses this opportunity to tell the world how
great he is.

We owe Brian something, not only to "pay" him for putting the name of
CNN here, but also to help him pass his legal staff.

So this is, more or less, how I see the PR (not the announcement about
2.2, but specifically the CNN case) (and excuse me for my bad

---------- Just an example, only to demonstrate what I mean ----------

After gaining more than 70% of the market (according to market research
companies such as NetCraft and Security-Space), the future of the
Apache web server looks brigher than ever, and it seems that it has no
competitors anymore.

But there is still one huge competitor that even Apache can't beat:
Previous versions of Apache.

"It just works, 7 days a week, 24 hours a days, serving millions of
requests, without losing even one" says John Doe, a webmaster with the, which is ranked #0 among the hosting providers: "After all,
even Steve Ballmer said 'Apache is simply better', so why should I
upgrade?!  If it ain't broken, don't touch it!".

But now, with Apache 2.2 coming soon, more and more people argue:

"We succeeded to hire the best reporters and journalists, but in order
to keep our status as the most popular news site, it is not enough to
create the best content, but we must find creative ways to deliver the
enormous load required by our on-line readers" says Brian Akins of CNN.
"Apache 2.2 allowed us the break even our own records, and reach an
amazing number of 77 billion hits, although we started to use it only
several days ago. I know no other way to deliver one billion pages per
day" summarizing Akins.

This is the message that the Apache Software Foundation tries to make
these days: "Apache 1.3 is still the power behind most of the leading
websites, but the new release combines the advantages of the old one
with new fabulous features and abilities" says XXX, a member of the
Apache Software Foundation, "and as an Open-Source product, it's free,
so why not upgrade?!".

"What are these new features and abilities?"

XXX tries to shorten his answer, but the new release is so
revolutionary, so the list looks infinite: "(and here comes an infinite
list of the goodies of Apache 2.2)".

The Apache web server is available for download from,
free of charge.
This was only an example, but I hope you got the idea.

The only problem with this direction is that some of the newspapers and
TVs which should publish it, are direct competitors of CNN, and may
prefer to edit it (bad) or even to ignore this PR (bad too).

Eli Marmor
Netmask (El-Mar) Internet Technologies Ltd.
Tel.:   +972-9-766-1020          8 Yad-Harutzim St.
Fax.:   +972-9-766-1314          P.O.B. 7004
Mobile: +972-50-5237338          Kfar-Saba 44641, Israel

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