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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Press release for httpd 2.2 (was Re: OT: performance FUD)
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 16:25:06 GMT

Brian Akins wrote:
> I have been given word that our statements can appear in a press release 
> or testimonial, it just has to be passed through legal here.  So what 
> type of statements are we looking for?

Let's bring the Apache Public Relations Committee into this to see what 
advice they have.

We (the Apache HTTP Server Project) would like to put together a press 
release announcing the release of version 2.2.  We can highlight the 
obvious market penetration numbers and some of the features listed here:

But we would like to put particular emphasis on the performance and 
scalability of httpd.  We have two people (Brian Atkins at CNN and Colm 
MacCárthaigh at HEAnet) who run httpd under extremely high load and are 
willing to give us some quotes on this topic.

Can the PRC give advice on how we should proceed?  I am willing to start 
a draft, if that helps.  Is there a template or some advice on 
format/content?  What else should we be doing?

Re Brian's question above, I think we want a statement emphasizing 
performance and scalability.  It doesn't need to be extremely precise, 
spec-wise.  Most people reading a press release wouldn't care.  We just 
want to transmit the message that you use apache httpd in a very-high 
load situation and that it perfoms very well.  By the way, are you using 
2.0 or 2.1?


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