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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: [vote] 2.2.0 tarballs
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 08:32:32 GMT
Paul Querna wrote:
> These tarballs are Identical to 2.1.10 except for two changes:
> * include/ap_release.h Updated to be 2.2.0-release
> * The root directory was changed from httpd-2.1.10 to httpd-2.2.0

Okay, I lied, slightly:

 * svn r348009: Added AP_DECLARE to mod_dbd exported functions.  No
functional changes for most operating systems.

 * svn r348055 and 348029: Netware specific fixes for a missing SSL CGI
variable, and for linking to the correct sockets library.

 * Several Documentation only commits. (Including updating URLs in the


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