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From "Wayne S. Anderson" <>
Subject Re: Need for a Release Candidate status
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 03:49:23 GMT
Ok... so lets say we stop pushing the RC idea for now.  What about 
clearer marking of "beta" or interim branch releases?

Personally, I think that having an RC vetting process hwere the tarball 
is released to the community previous to GA is a worthwhile step and 
would help further bring structure to the project.... be that as it may.

I am sure we could all use the respite that bold / emphasized marking 
and text about beta / development releases would bring the community.

Wayne S. Frazee

Jim Jagielski wrote:
> Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>>In a word, no.  We have a release structure and it is working just
>>fine right now.  I don't see any need to fiddle with it by adding
>>yet another level of version identifiers.
> How about "improving" :)
> Seriously though, there is a reason for RC being used in lots
> of other communities; it is useful information. I don't feel
> strongly enough about it to try to "push" it anymore than I've
> already done, but if we were to do it, then now would be the
> time, and so I brought it up.

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