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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] 2.1.10 as GA
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 03:08:32 GMT
Andreas Lindström wrote:
> I dont really have anything to do with voting and such, i just thought
> id raise a point about how the configure system works atm. If you
> happen to have an APR installed in your system already you cant force
> the source tree for APR to be built using --with-apr and
> --with-apr-util (verified with a 1.2 installed, not sure about <
> 1.2.), i ran into this when building trunk for testing last time.
> The only way to fix this was by adding two lines to the configure
> script which basically forced configure to ignore any previously found
> APRs, if you didnt use this apache would automagically use the already
> installed APR. As far as i can see this is not how the documentation
> is written as it suggests adding --with-apr and --with-apr-util with
> the path to the source tree of APR and APR-Util to get it built.
> I just thought it could be an idea to fix this before it goes out to the public.

Hi, not a voter here, but a mod_perl committer, and I've seen this above issue before several
times particulary on 
freebsd when for instance you install the subversion port.  If you then compile svn versions
of apr, apache 2.x, and mp2 
by hand, httpd ends up linking to the apr installed by the subversion port in /usr/local not
the one you said in 
--with-apr. et. al.

I will likely be able to generate a step by step tomorrow.

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