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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Policies on binaries?
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 19:39:44 GMT
Roy's raised the recent issue that all ASF releases under his domain
(httpd project chair) should be reviewed -by at least three pmc members-
as well as the contributors and committers.

This raises an obvious question; are binary distributions releases?  Or
are the merely repackaging the source code that was already approved?
It seems none of the platform binaries are reviewed today.

Either way, because it's sufficiently complex, I've required at least two
more +1's on a binary release for Win32, to avoid streams of bug reports.
Sometimes quirks happen to a binary distribution, and its better that it
never hit the mirrors, and is fixed quickly.

Something interesting happened last month; there were not two users on
testers@httpd, users@httpd nor dev@httpd who cared to review the 1.3
Apache binary distribution.  I consider this no small victory for 2.0 :)

With that said, the 1.3.34 package is languishing in /dev/dist/.  My gut
instinct is to pull it down, along with the previous 1.3 releases over in
/dist/httpd/binaries/win32/.  I'll push 1.3.34 straight to the archives
site for historical record, and so we can point people -somewhere- other
than /dev/dist/ when the (infrequest) request comes through.

But, for all intents and purposes - it seems 1.3 is finally dead on Win32.
Is this solution acceptable?

(Of course all references to 1.3 in the .html files on binaries/win32/ will
disappear, as well.  I'll also pull down the comments about winsock2 which
are increasingly irrelevant, and condense the notes about the afd.sys bug
to one sentence - 'apply this service pack first, ...')


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