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From Brandon Fosdick <>
Subject gratuitous call to create_server_config?
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 04:46:07 GMT
I have a test box with 2.0.55 on it and it's set for a single vhost, with no "overall" host
(I think). I also set StartServers, MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers and MaxClients to 1,
with the intent of having only one process running. So now I have only two processes running.
Obviously I missed something. But, on with the show...

I set my test module to output to the error log whenever create_server_config is called and
to log some info about the arguments. I'm now seeing two calls to create_server_config, the
first time with server_rec=NULL and the second with a valid pointer. Then merge_sever_config
is called to merge the two together. I haven't a clue why it wants me to merge a NULL pointer.
Maybe this is related to having two processes running?

>From examining the server_hostname field it appears the non-NULL call is from the vhost.

Where is the other call coming from?
How do I stop it?
How do I get only one process running?

BTW, the -X argument doesn't work. It just hangs.

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