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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Edge connection filter cannot be removed?
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 07:33:51 GMT
This is currently listed as a show stopper in the 2.2.x/STATUS file:

The edge connection filter cannot be removed:

jerenkrantz asks: Why should this block a release?

stas replies: because it requires a rewrite of the filters stack
implementation (you have suggested that) and once 2.2 is released you
can't do that anymore.

I believe that this is really a feature enhancement.  It is not a
regression from the 2.0.xx branch.  I don't believe it should be a show
stopper for 2.2.x.

If there is support to change the edge connection filters, get it into
trunk first.  Once it is in trunk, we can have a better handle on back
port it to any branches.

What does everyone think?  I would like to remove this as a show stopper
in a week if there are no objections.



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