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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: mod_dav and EBCDIC
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2005 16:54:32 GMT
On Sunday 20 November 2005 14:53, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> On input path, ap_xml_parse_input() handles converting xml to native
> charset (at least in 2.2).  On output, there is no provision for
> converting xml in responses.

Is this a hypothetical or real-life issue?

> Some choices:
> (a) convert right in DAV before calling ap_fXXX() APIs

Ugh.  What are filters for?

> (b) have DAV implement a filter that converts xml from native to UTF-8
> (or whatever the xml says the charset is in); add the filter
> automatically within DAV when it generates an xml response; it would
> be prudent for mod_charset_lite to be aware of this filter so that it
> won't touch the body where it is added

FWIW, libxml2 does that.  There's well-tried-and-tested code for
detecting encoding and converting to utf-8 in several of my filters;
for example mod_proxy_html (which is GPL, but I'd have no problem
relicensing the relevant parts for a good cause).

As regards working with mod_charset_lite, mod_filter dispatching
should deal with that.

> (c) have mod_charset_lite implement a special filter for this purpose;
> perhaps it uses the existing logic but the name of the filter sets the
> proper configuration; DAV would add this filter implicitly when it
> generates an xml response; user simply loads mod_charset_lite on
> non-ASCII machine and no further configuration is needed to get DAV
> xml translatable

Bear in mind that a filter at the charset_lite/iconv level is going to have to
edit the xmldecl and, in the case of (X)HTML, any <meta> element that
sets charset.

> (c) looks reasonable to me; they agree on filter name
> (mod_charset_lite.h) and it is presumed that it means to translate
> from the codepage of compliled in strings (such as the string
> DAV_XML_HEADER in mod_dav.h) to UTF-8

Indeed, subject to the above caveats.

Nick Kew

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