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From Corentin CHARY <>
Subject Re: Please include mpm-itk into upsteam.
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 16:08:28 GMT
Le Jeudi 17 Novembre 2005 15:52, Joshua Slive a écrit :
> mpm-itk processes requests as root, which is a major security
> problem.  
Yep, but it drop as many privileges as it can.

> It is also unclear to me how mpm-itk handles multiple 
> connections.  Either it is serving only one request and then killing the
> process, or it is keeping the ability to suid, meaning that it is
> effectively always running as root.
I read the code, it seems that it kill the process ...

> One way I'd like to see to solve this obviously-frequently-mentioned
> problem is to simply automate the configuration process for setting up a
> reverse proxy with a pool of servers behind it.  This is already very
> possible with the existing server, but it requires a rather complex
> configuration.  Perhaps if we could figure out a way to simplify this,
> we could get most of the perchild benefits without the added complexity.
The configuration is not the main problem ... i know how to do that, but it 
means 2 process per request .... (with prefork, and i need to use prefork 
with php ...).

CHARY 'Iksaif' Corentin -

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