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From Corentin CHARY <>
Subject Please include mpm-itk into upsteam.
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 14:07:04 GMT
I needed a simple way to user different Uid/Gid for my vhost, without cgi, and 
with a not-threaded mpm (php is not realy threadsafe ...).
I discover mpm-itk (based on mpm-prefork) and mpm-peruser (based on mpm-metux) .

peruser have a bug with keealive, but itk have not.

>There is also another minor quirk in mpm-itk, since it doesn't support
>forwarding between httpd instances; if you connect to httpd, make a request
>and then make a request on the same connection for a different vhost (this is
>supported as per the RFCs, as far as I know), mpm-itk simply shuts down the 
>connection. (This is perfectly legal according to RFC2616; the web server
>simply simulates a timeout, and the client is supposed to just open a new 
>connection and retry the request.) In practice this should very rarely become
>a problem, unless you include, say, graphics from one vhost on the pages of
>one with a different uid."      

I think this mpm should be inclued into upstream, because a lot of people need 
a mpm like this (to host multiple vhost with php).

I make debian packages, but the debian team say me :
>No. As and when it's proposed and accepted upstream it will be added to the
>apache2 package. Until that time, we're not going to carry major
>modifications to upstream.


CHARY 'Iksaif' Corentin -

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