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From Florian Zumbiehl <>
Subject Re: mod_deflate Vary header
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 14:09:52 GMT

> I did not talk about traffic, but bandwidth. I read that you're concerned 
> about server's bandwidth and so it would be good if the clients get 
> uncompressed content from the cache rather than compressed from the server. 
> The trick to achieve both is *to deliver uncompressed content* without 
> 'Vary'ing the response.

... which, though, would increase loading time of the resource and traffic
on the server if most clients do support compression and only few shared
caches ever get hit by requests for uncompressed content, no?

(All that assuming at least basic Vary: support in caches, of course.
Without it, things practically probably are a bit different ...)

Cya, Florian

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