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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Should exist: mod_log_dbus?
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 00:59:21 GMT
(Apologies for posting here and on the modules list - it just occured  
to me that this might be a better place)

I'm playing around with log analysis at the moment - particularly  
real time analysis. Currently I just pipe logs through a Perl script  
that does the actual analysis. I'd quite like to be able to have  
multiple filters analysing the incoming log entries at the same time.  
I can of course do that just by building a pipeline of filters - but  
it starts to get messy.

So, I was looking at d-bus [1] and thinking how convenient it would  
be if I had a d-bus based logging module. Then I could just write  
filters that subscribed to the log messages. I could easily add,  
remove and restart filters without touching Apache.

I'm prepared to do some work on such a module but I don't want to do  
it if there's some obvious alternative I'm missing. Is this something  
that might be useful? Is there something out there already that I've  


Andy Armstrong,

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