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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject Re: mod_mbox
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 04:02:12 GMT
On 10/10/05, Joshua Slive <> wrote:

> 1. Do we really want people "subscribing" to mailing lists using atom
> over http?  This would consume way more resources than a standard
> mailing list subscription (due to the polling nature of atom).  I don't
> have any evidence, but this worrys me.

I guess the question is, what are we concerned about?

Is it the bandwidth used by people downloading the feeds?  Is it the
CPU server side that we need to spend serving them up?  Is it both?

If it's both, pretty much the only answer is to offload the feed
hosting to another service (feedburner or something like that).  If
it's one or the other there are steps that can be taken.  To reduce
CPU mod_cache can be used.  To reduce bandwidth something like my
mod_speedyfeed module can be used to cut down the response bandwidth
for clients that send If-Modified-Since and/or Last-Modified headers. 
You could even combine the two, but keep in mind that mod_speedyfeed
burns CPU, and if you use mod_cache alone you end up sending back an
entire feed even if a client only cares about a single entry.

It just comes down to two questions.  Do we want to offer the service,
and if so, what resource utilization do we want to optimize for?


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