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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] PR 18757 Content-Length removed from proxied HEAD responses
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 19:59:22 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> That sounds like spaghetti code to me.  Fix the bug in the filters,
> not the side-effects.
> +1 on this patch as a temporary fix if you add commentary with it,
> but I'd rather have a server that isn't so fragile in the long term.

To my knowledge filters have never had the concept of metadata that goes 
alongside the bucket brigades, for example the content-length, the mime 
type, any range(s) associated with the request.

It would be useful (and generic) for filters to have a way of signalling 
reliably whether the filter changes the length of a request, or the mime 
type of the payload, or whatever, without being HTTP specific.

Proxy has no business caring what an upstream filter might do to a 
request, it should just load the metadata with it's best knowledge of 
what's on it's way up the stack, and rely on filters (if any) to modify 
the metadata along the way.

Metadata should also be "lockable", in other words once the HTTP headers 
are written out to the network, the metadata is "locked" in place and 
cannot be changed, attempts at doing so will trigger an error in the 
request. This should catch attempts by filters to change metadata like 
content length after it's too late.


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