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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: [pre-release] 2.0.55 *candidate* available for testing
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 12:44:13 GMT
Ondrej Sury wrote:

> Sorry, but in DEB world, this is pretty normal to have separate upstream
> source and debian/ subdirectory and it's not serious pain at all.

Exactly, it's normal in the debian world, but it's not normal in the rpm 

Each packaging system has it's own "default" way of handling packaging. 
In the case of RPM, it's "rpmbuild --rebuild yyy.src.rpm", or "rpmbuild 
-tb yyy.tar.gz". Debian does it differently, just like Solaris pkg does 
it differently, but it makes no difference.

I have in the past wasted *hours* of time because the packager of an RPM 
expected the user to "just know" that their package had some weird 
custom process of producing an RPM, and when this was posted as a bug 
the answer was "oh, you should have read the documentation".

I had read the documentation: the rpm man page, which clearly details 
the --rebuild and -tX options.

With packaging, the needs of the users come first, the needs of the 
packager comes second. Sure, it will be nice and neat for packagers to 
have packaging scripts in a single archive, but that's a pain for the 
end user.

> Upstream and packagers work in clearly separated and in my view it's
> good.  But my view can be twisted since there are propably a bit
> different *standards* how is package provided in DEB and RPM world, ie.
> debianers are not used to compile packages themselves a lot, they use
> packages provided by their distribution.

Virtually all distros offer a somewhat conservative approach to 
packaging - they are typically a few versions behind, and there are good 
reasons for this.

Sometimes however, someone might need a bleeding edge feature not 
offered by a distro, but they might not want to clutter up their system 
with "custom" install trees. The ASF packages serve the needs of this 
group of people.


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