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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Time for 2.0.55, again (and again and again?)
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 21:44:21 GMT
Looking for votes/decisions on three items before I RM - if these were
complete I'd roll the candidate tonight;

  * CAN-2005-2700 fix (Joe, could you commit?)

  * CAN-2005-2970 fix (Greg, Jeff, can you come to a mutual agreement,
                       and commit?)

    closes potential holes in mod_echo-derived third party protocol
    modules, as evidenced by plugging in mod_ssl + mod_echo on AIX
    or Solaris (where this combo just dies) - or connecting to mod_echo
    on Linux and waiting for a timeout (which never arrives.)

The last one is optional but I'm very inclined to commit immediately
if it gets 2 +1's.  The other two CAN items are showstoppers.

If you are in a review mode, would also appreciate eyeballs on

  * apr-iconv-1.1.1 (in needs another +1 before
    we can bump to it for apr-util-1.2.2 - fixes Win32 build issues, and
    looks for APR_ICONV1_PATH, so that with APR_ICONV_PATH (0.9.x iconv)
    and APR_ICONV1_PATH (1.1.1+ iconv) these two can coexist.

so that httpd-1.9-beta builds on win32, and we can begin to support the
apr-util-0 modules in parallel with apr-util-1 modules for xlate.


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