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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: apache/sitemaps?
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 05:21:13 GMT
Shiva Shivakumar wrote:
> Some of the key aspects of our proposal include (a) a simple XML
> protocol we released under Creative Commons 2.0 license so all
> webservers, webmasters and search engines could benefit from a common
> approach, and (b) an open-source sitemap generator in Python
> (@sourceforge) that produces Sitemaps automatically for some common use
> cases.
> It's been about 4 months since we launched, and webmasters have been
> using the Sitemaps protocol (and client) to give us URLs for both small
> (e.g, 100 urls) to large sites (e.g., 10M+ urls), so we figured it is
> time to ping you guys. How do the Apache webserver folks react to
> something like Sitemaps protocol being supported in Apache "out of the
> box" (e.g., as a mod_sitemap)

Write the code. Send Patches.  Then we have something to work with.  If
mod_sitemap turns into anything, it might be possible to find it a place
inside the ASF.

> or shipping the tool (or
> some variant) thro
> <>
> as a support program (similar to htdigest or htdbm)? And in general,
> offering additional mechanisms for webservers to help webcrawlers (an
> increasing fraction of webserver activity) much more directly?

I am sort of -0.5 on including something like with our
programs. Frankly content generation has always been kept separate from
the core of httpd.  Yes, there is a shift with helping automated tools
like a webcrawler find content in an automated way, but I am not sure if
httpd should play an active role in promoting it.


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