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From "Graham Leggett" <>
Subject Re: [pre-release] 2.0.55 *candidate* available for testing
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 11:34:16 GMT
Colm MacCarthaigh said:

> How many people actually build RPM's is what I'm wondering, given the
> errors that creep in in the releases, and we don't see that many
> complaints, it can't be a very high number. I see a fair amount of
> downloads for the RPM's files themselves, which is what makes me wonder.

We provide SRPMs for building, which contain "fixed" httpd.spec files.
Either that or the i386 builds work as is for people on i386 platforms. I
personally deploy from a locally built SRPM, but that's me.

Ideally the rpm builds should be continuously integrated using something
like gump, so we catch the problem as it happens, rather than after

> I don't think having to un-tar a tarball, and mv a file in place is that
> big an imposition on a packager.

Anything that's non obvious or non standard is definitely an imposition on
a packager. Don't make the packager do something that can be (and already
is) easily automated :)


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