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From "Brian J. France" <>
Subject Re: dbd connections tied to conn_rec
Date Sat, 01 Oct 2005 00:26:46 GMT
Thanks for the work!

I am having problems with it on the second connection, first connection 
works with multiple calls to ap_dbd_cacquire.

I think it might have to do with allocating a dbd from the connection 
pool when it needs to be from the server pool for persist connections.  
non-persist connection can use the connection pool.

I don't have time to dig into right now, but will try this weekend.



On Sep 30, 2005, at 6:21 PM, Nick Kew wrote:

> mod_dbd currently supports modules requiring a connection of an 
> arbitrary
> duration (explicit ap_dbd_open and ap_dbd_close), or tied to the 
> request_rec
> (ap_dbd_acquire, which releases the connection back to the reslist on 
> request
> pool cleanup).
> Brian France's dbd modules for smtpd want the option that's missing 
> from
> there: a dbd handle tied to the conn_rec.  Today I got around to 
> hacking
> that - patch attached.  Review invited - I'll commit to trunk if noone 
> shouts.
> -- 
> Nick Kew
> <dbd-patch>

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