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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Documentation TODOs for 2.2
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2005 22:05:02 GMT
I'm just looking at docs/2.1 and noting some existing pages that definitely 
need updating.  No reference to pages that need writing, or to non-English
versions of anything.  I might tackle some of these myself, but no promises.

*** = really important, ** = should do, * = would be nice

** install.html  -  I think it needs at least some discussion of --with-foo,
for external and bundled packages (especially APR).  Should also have
a *strong* recommendation of never ever build without mod_so unless
you know exactly what you're doing.

* mpm.html - Say something about the implications of choice

*** filter.html - wants substantial rewrite.  The page as-is needs more
than just updating; perhaps it should be dropped and replaced by a
filter page in /howto/ ?

Users Guide - ignoring

** howto/auth.html - probably wants something more about the
subtleties of the Require directive and authz hacks.  And it should
make it clear that the Related modules and directives list is very

* howto/cgi.html - should describe the "Action" directive, and
should perhaps mention alternative CGI implementations.

** howto/htaccess.html - IMO the "Related Modules/Ditrectives"
is at best misleading here; AccessFileName, AllowOverride and
possibly Options are the only directives that should get a mention;
including AAA directives merely reinforces the ".htaccess is about 
access control" misconception.
And perhaps put the performance warning prominently at the top?

OK, I'm ignoring Platform notes (I know nothing about non-unix)
and Other Topics (too big a subject for this post).

Nick Kew

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