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From Colm MacCarthaigh <>
Subject List of things in trunk but not in 2.2.x
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 09:48:19 GMT

Just keeping an eye on what's in trunk, but not in 2.2.x. for my own
purposes more than anything else. Thought'd I'd share the list in case
it's useful to anyone else;

	The move of the apr_thread_mutex_unlock(timeout_mutex); in
	the event MPM.

	The changes to c2x in server/util.c

	Outputting DYNAMIC_MODULE_LIMIT in server/main.c

	The Oid stuff in setenvif

	%hextid format-specifier in mod_log_config.c

	The if DIR_MAGIC_TYPE return DECLINED; loop-prevention in mod_dir.c

	mod_charset_lite moving out of experimental

	mod_cgid configure changes for Solaris

	The modules/database/ directory

	The rsync-for-make-install changes

	The balancer fixups in mod_proxy.c

	ssl_extlist_by_oid -> ssl_ext_list, and Oid -> PeerExtList
	changes in mod_ssl. 

	r264621; some ssl fixups in ssl_engine_init.c

A rationalised(-ish) diff is at;

I think some of particularly small things are probably getting missed.
Is there anything on that list, apart from the changes to mod_setenvif
that definitely should not be backported?

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