Hello every one

 This is the first code release of the mod_mbox search SoC project.  I used the mysql full test search feature as the backbone of this search feature for mod_mbox.  To make an connection pool with mysql I used a combination of libdbi and mod_dbipool.  Libdbi also provided functions to help protect from SQL injection attacks.  

             The UI for the search is non-existent right now I will be working with Maxime Petazzoni soon to integrate my search into his new mod_mbox UI.  Right now there is an apache handler in my code if you want to test the search.  It is not meant to be use in any other capacity and so is very inefficient and causes some problem with the rest of mod_mbox functions. There are a few variables in mod_mbox_sreach.c to change for the search input and the output goes straight to error_log. 

The field variable can be "subject", "body", "subject,body" depending on what part/parts of the message you want to search. 

The type variable can be "bool" or "notbool" depending on if you want a natural language search or a Boolean search. 
This article http://mysqld.active-venture.com/Fulltext_Search.html or the mysql manual explains the search types and syntax well. 

The search_terms variable is where your search query goes as one big string. "I'm looking for this". 

To make the table just set up an mysql database of any name and use the perl scripts in /home/russ/ in this tar file.  

To make a new table and add all the .mbox files in a directory.
./make_fts_db <mysql database name> <mysql user> <mysql password> <path to .mbox files>

To add a .mbox file to the table.
./update_fts_db <mysql database name> <mysql user> <mysql password> <path to a .mbox file>

A tarball of this code can be found here:

I am very open to critiques and comments so please let me know what you think