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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon BOF about Module Repository
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 04:06:11 GMT
On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Sander Temme wrote:

> Folks,
> I have been meaning to follow up on this ever since that BOF, and am deeply 
> annoyed that it has taken me this long.
> As a matter of fact, my memory of that BOF session has now faded to a 
> considerable extent and I don't feel comfortable even giving a list of 
> attendees because I would leave people out.
> I have pinned to my office wall the flip-over sheet with notes I took during 
> the session and will now transcribe those. If anyone present at the event 
> notices I'm leaving something out, please speak up.
> Building on my original message below, we discussed what should be 
> implemented and how.
[ ... ]
> We discussed CPAN, from which a lot of people blindly and trustingly download 
> module upon module, as root. How did this get so trusted? Who is responsible 
> for the code? We hear that nobody owns CPAN, and there is no identifiable 
> target for any legal action anyone might want to bring. This obviously 
> wouldn't fly for the ASF.

Jarkko Hietaniemi, the "CPAN Master Librarian", wrote up 
some thoughts on CPAN-like archives at
Most (but not all) activity in CPAN is connected with
Perl modules; for this, PAUSE (
is the means by which authors can upload and manage
submissions. The code for PAUSE is available:

> Every module uploaded to the network would come with metadata, including (but 
> not limited to):
[ ... ]
In the Perl world, metadata now comes in the form of a
META.yml file:
which is based on YAML:
This is one area that the CPAN/PAUSE maintainers emphasize
as being crucial in being able to index and search

best regards,
randy kobes

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