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From Rian Hunter <r...@MIT.EDU>
Subject to the users of mod_smtpd
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 06:14:19 GMT

To Plugin Writers:

Mod_smtpd is pretty heavily input filters based now. There were some  
sneaky bugs in the code that I got rid of (the ability to type a  
single '.' and not terminate the message) and some major cleanups in  
the data handler code. The biggest changes are that now there is a  
filter that translates a single '.' into an EOS bucket, and an '..'  
into an '.'. Also header parsing now goes into a filter too. This is  
all pretty sweet stuff.

To Users:
Stay tuned for a postfix plugin and an auto-built modules directory.

Mod_smtpd has been written as high-level as possible so as not to  
reinvent the wheel and deal with io security issues. Regardless it is  
in dire need of a code/security audit. Does anyone know of any  
protocol-level security tests or topics to keep in mind that can be  
used to "robustify" mod_smtpd.

The autobuild system still currently does not check for libapreq2 (a  
necessity of one of the filters). Since I hate Autoconf and Makefiles  
I've been punting this, even though it's high priority. Patches anyone?

Mod_smtpd is also in dire need of documentation and probably its own  
website, both are coming soon.

Rian Hunter

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