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From Rian Hunter <r...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Re: mod_smtpd and old versions of apache2
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2005 19:29:18 GMT

On Sep 17, 2005, at 1:27 PM, Garrett Rooney wrote:

> So I'm playing around with mod_smtpd_queue_smtp, a module that has
> mod_smtpd "queue" messages by forwarding them on to another smtp
> server, and I ran into a little snag.
> It appears that in older versions of apache2 (2.0.53 in this case)
> conn->input_filters->ctx is NULL when smtpd_create_conn_rec gets
> called.  This results in a crash when mod_smtpd tries to poke around
> in there looking for the client socket, so it can set a big-ass
> timeout on it.
> Is it even necessary to do this?  Making the timeout conditional on
> the context being non-null seems to fix the problem, and things seem
> to work ok, but I have to wonder why it's needed in the first place...
> -garrett

Thanks for bringing this up. The timeout setting code is an archaism  
from when mod_smtpd used the ap_rgetline functions for I/O.  
ap_rgetline relied on a timeout set by one of the filters in  
http_filters.c to set a timeout, but since those filters weren't used  
i had to do it manually in mod_smtpd but now it has it's own I/O  
functions so it doesn't need to set this.

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