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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Distributing httpd-2.2, redux
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 18:43:50 GMT
We've brought this up before and it sure didn't seem clear that we are
all of one mind on the issue (and the last opinions were registered
quite some time ago.)

We've agreed that httpd won't be tagging it's own apr, we will release
based on some minimum version (major.minor - since .subversion of apr
must remain binary forwards & backwards compatible from x.y.0 to x.y.n).
Right now for 2.1-dev that's 1.2, and might end up 1.3. or even 2.0 when
we are ready to declare httpd 2.2.0-GA.

We've agreed that httpd can pick up an installed apr (provided the
minimum version requirement is met.)  Likewise, apr and apr-util have
decided to pick up system iconv and expat.  (We shouldn't do that to
GNU libiconv without explicit decision by the user, but if it's the GNU
iconv bundled in - then it's bound by the same libc exception

I don't know what httpd does w.r.t. pcre offhand.

On Win32 we've shipped httpd-2.0 source bundles with apr-iconv, while on
unix distributions we simply choke on enabling apr_xlate() and the
mod_charset_lite build.

So where do we stand?

   * Ship httpd-2.2.x.tar.gz without apr?  Then also drop pcre.
     It seems that apr would equivilantly drop expat/iconv.

   * Ship httpd-2.2.x.tar.gz with a specific apr?  Then bundle expat,
     pcre, and iconv?

One interesting synthisis we came up with on the #apr channel... what
if the desires/needs of both packaging folks (who want individual
components) and end users building from scratch could both be met?

   * Ship httpd-2.2.x.tar.gz (solo), and httpd-2.2.x-bundle.tar.gz which
     includes all the sub-packages the user should likely need (including
     pcre/apr/-util/expat/-iconv/)?  Perhaps even zlib/openssl?

Well there's the question, should we try to serve both, or argue over
which bits are bundled and which the user obtains/installs seperately.



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