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From Luc Pardon <>
Subject Re: new/update mod_smtpd modules
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 16:54:18 GMT
> mod_smtpd_spamd.tar.gz
>         This is a module that sends the mail to spamd on the data_post hook.  
> Currently this module will bounce mail that is spam if it over the spam 
> threshold + reject_level. More features to come like adding headers, 
> rewriting subject lines, etc.

   Be careful with terminology ! 

   Bouncing spam, as you say you're doing, is a really bad idea. The
message will get returned to the envelope sender address, which is more
often than not faked to be that of an innocent bystander, or even to
that of the real intended recipient. 

   If you want to reject spam, you should refuse it while in the SMTP
handshake, not accept it first and bounce afterwards.
   I had a quick look at the source and it seems you're doing just that,
returning a 550. If that's true, you may want to s/bounce/reject/g to
prevent casual onlookers (like me) frowning on you.


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